In touch with kin...

… but they refuse to cooperate?

A common problem for an authority is where kin has been located but they are unwilling, for whatever reason, to meaningfully engage with the authority.

We have experience as acting as a conduit in such situations: resolving such impasses and allowing the authority to transfer the issue of probate to the next of kin.

  • The kin does not agree with their inheritance as they disliked the deceased. Quite often there is bad blood in the family and they do not wish be involved and do not want to take the money.

    Our solution is for us or our solicitor to make contact and stress the need to deal with the estate. We will suggest that if they do not want the monies then they can donate it to charity. The solicitors will deal with the paperwork which usually takes4 months and in that time they can decide which charity to donate it to.

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