Other Services

Free services to address your needs

Over the years we have recognised the need to broaden our services to suit your needs, accordingly we have introduced some new services, all free of charge, that you may find helpful.

Obtaining Documentation

At the outset of taking on a deputyship you may need to ensure that your client’s paperwork is in order. It could be that you need certification or copies of probate or a divorce. We can obtain that for you free of charge without delay.

Empty Properties

Do you have an abandoned or derelict properties in your borough? Does there appear to be an absentee landlords whose property is posing a health hazard?

We are able to offer a tracing and/or title-reconstruct service that can bring back properties into the community. We are able to assist in tracing absentee landlords and offer mediation services to sort any problems.

Will and Asset Search

In some instances you may need to undertake a Will & Asset search. We offer this service for your peace of mind.

Establishing Property Title

Your client may have a property that you will eventually be selling. If there is no title deeds we can offer assistance.

Statutory Will Research

If you are thinking of implementing a Statutory Will you will need to contact all entitled intestate beneficiaries. We can assist in this task.

Deputyship Application Check

We can undertake a quick check to ensure there is no immediate family to undertake the deputyship role.

Debt Recovery / Council as a Creditor

We have seen an increase in the number of cases of an estate owing the authority monies and the authority having difficulty claiming the debt back. Contact us for a solution.


After working with over 120 Public Sector clients we have a comprehensive set of testimonials available upon request.

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