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A service for every step of an administration

Will Search & Will Insurance

Let us make the checks for you

Protect an estate from future claims with our Will Search Service and Insurance. We use Certainty for our will searches and the most is £250 plus VAT.

On completion of the Will Search, we will present you with a full report of every search made and the results.

We can also arrange cover against the risk of superseding will being located, after the estate has been distributed.

Asset Search

We can assist in searches for unclaimed shares, dormant accounts, pensions and trusts as well as DWP and premium bond holdings.

All searches carried out with Landmark FAS.

Asset Reunification

Do you know if the deceased had unknown or forgotten assets. There could be a dormant bank account or unclaimed shares and dividends. We can undertake an asset search on behalf of the estate and reclaim the entitlement. For our fixed price please contact us.

Alternatively we have worked for financial institutions who are seeking to reunite unclaimed shareholdings with their rightful owners. We are also able to assist with both missing pension and insurance scheme recipients.

Share Valuations

Does the probate property consist of stocks and shares? We are able to offer a share valuation service at competitive prices.

Bankruptcy & AMLR Check

Pre-distribution checks: Identity and bankruptcy searches made simple

Prior to distributing the proceeds of an estate it is incumbent upon the solicitor to undertake checks. We can undertake both checks as part of our service.

Jurisdiction Check Cost
UK Anti-money laundering check &
bankruptcy check
£25 per beneficiary
Worldwide Bankruptcy check Charges vary depending on jurisdiction.
Please contact us and we will be able to provide you with a free quotation.

Medallion Guarantee Signature/Overseas Assets

Medallion Guarantee Signature Service.

When selling or transferring Canadian or US Securities you will be required to sign the securities (stocks) powers. A transfer agent will be unable to accept the transaction without proof of the authenticity of the signature. Estate Research can assist you in this process.

The signature also forms a degree of protection for the transfer agent from liability in the event of a forgery.

Overseas Assets

We can also assist with the searching for and disposing of overseas assets.

Probate Property

Empty property?

In conjunction with a nationwide management firm we can offer a number of services to assist with the management of property, these include:

  • Secure and insure service
  • Burglar alarm fittings
  • Paperwork search
  • House clearance
  • House sales via online auction
  • Empty property insurance

In many cases the property is the main asset of the estate. Make sure you are protected as soon as possible. We will only raise an invoice when you have liquidity in the estate. It is imperative to protect this vital asset from potential crime.

Global Coverage

We offer a worldwide service.

Estate Research traced over 3500 missing heirs in over 60 countries last year alone.

Our worldwide network of trusted agents and the breadth of databases and up to date records that we have access to, enables us to provide our clients with an extensive global service.

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