Role of the administrator

Overview of duties and responsibilities of an administrator

The role of the administrator is to ensure that the financial affairs of a deceased person are satisfactorily wound up and their estate distributed according to the law.

An administrator is the person who has the legal right to deal with affairs of the person who has died and is determined by a set order of priority.

If you have been asked to take on the role of administrator, it is your responsibility to instruct a solicitor to act on behalf of the estate. The solicitor(s) administering the estate will make the necessary arrangements to protect you from any cost or risk. You can instruct your own solicitor or we can recommend one.

The solicitor will first sell the assets of the estate so the estate becomes purely monetary. All the deceased’s debts and financial obligations are settled before the residue of the estate is distributed to those entitled to receive a share.

The solicitor will deal with these matters but you need to be available to ensure that, as the legally appointed representative, you are satisfied that the estate has been distributed correctly.

We can arrange for Missing Beneficiary Insurance for you to address the risk of an unknown missing beneficiaries coming forward after the estate has been distributed.

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