Empty Property Solutions

Empty Property Solutions

Across the UK there are tens of thousands of empty properties that lie either abandoned or derelict. This can have a negative impact on both local authorities and the local community such as:

Attracting vandalism or anti-social behaviour

Reducing the value and attractiveness of the local area

Falling into disrepair and causing damage to surrounding properties

Illegal or disruptive occupation of property

Posing a health and safety risk to local residents

Estate Research recognises the need for these properties to be brought back into public use and offer simple solutions.

Often the owners of such properties are absentee landlords who are aware of the property but may not have dealt with any problems in a manner satisfactory to the local authority. In these instances Estate Research can simply trace the owner and put them in touch with the local authority, in order for the two parties to be able to work together to bring the property back in to public use.

In some instances, a property owner may have passed away and their estate has not been dealt with. Estate Research can trace next of kin and assist them through the probate process where necessary. This allows the opportunity for the property to be sold and brought back in to use.

Estate Research do not charge the local council for this service. By liaising with all parties involved, we can offer impartial advice, discuss all options, and ensure each empty property case is resolved.